Gain attention for your business with a Business Name Generator

/Gain attention for your business with a Business Name Generator

One sure fire way to gain attention for your business is to get the right name.  The process is  not as simple as naming your first child or your favorite pet.  It requires careful consideration because the business name will influence the way you communicate with your customers and the general public.  With the use of a business name generator, you can get the right business name without too much effort.

We will explore what having the right company name will mean for your business, how to come up with a good company name and situations that will necessitate you to change the name.

Factors that could lead to choosing a bad business name

Several considerations go into getting a company name, but, sometimes we disregard them because we do not recognize how our attitude can impact on our decisions.

Assuming that your products or brand history is good enough to support whatever name you choose is a big mistake.  It is crucial that you give the process enough time because it will have a significant impact on your business going forward. 

Thinking the product makes it obvious

If you have an attitude that anyone looking or buying your product should immediately recognize it wherever they see it, you will not see the need for the right company name.  It will cost you in the long run.

Lack of ideas

It is challenging to come up with a company name, and most people settle for a bad name just because they’re tired of the process of looking.  They become lazy and pick the simplest one available. Do not pick any name because you feel that you are stuck.  If the name generator does not give you a good option, take some time, work on the necessary information, and rerun a query.  The generator will work with whatever information you give it.  This is why it is essential that you understand your business well, understand your target market, and understand what it is you want your business name to convey.

Lack of attention in the name you choose

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Thinking you can do it by yourself

Coming up with the right business name requires a team effort.  While you can use the online name generator tools, you will need to get feedback from other people on how the name sounds, and whether they find it easy to relate with.

What is the result of a bad business name

A bad business can have significant repercussions for your business. The effect is more significant when you use the same name as your domain name. You should therefore expect:-

Business Name
  • Lost communication – Your emails will not get delivered and your website visitors will be rerouted to other sites.
  • Customer frustration – no customer wants to spend their precious time trying to spell your business name. After one or two tries, they will probably move on to your competitor. Frustration will invariably lead to annoyance on their part and yours as well.
  • Marketing ineffectiveness – if customers are unable to link your business name to you, your product or your domain, your marketing campaigns will not be very impactful.

Tips for coming up with a good business name

Do not fret about how difficult it is to get the right business name.  We will share with you some of the tips below.

• Have a list of keywords

Think about what makes your company unique,   your value proposition, your market, and your audience. Now compile a list of keywords that makes sense to your business.

• Use a business name generator

Using a name generator like Shopify, enter the keywords and let the generator do its job.  You will get a list of possible names based on the keywords that you can use for your company name.   You will also get to know whether a domain with the generated names is available for you to consider.

• Get feedback

Once you opt for a particular business name, run it by a few people you trust. By checking their reaction, you will be able to know whether the name makes sense and if it communicates the right message.

Situations when changing your company name makes sense

Brand confusion

Sometimes you will find that your company name is often confused with another one.   Your name could also be complicated, and people keep on mispronouncing or misspelling it.  you may therefore need to change it to a simpler one.

Strategy change

If you made the mistake of getting a name that is tied to a particular product, and have now diversified, you might want to change your name to include the new line of business.  The same will apply if you have completely changed your business and the old name no longer applies.

Legacy issues

 This is common where a company has the founder’s name, and in some situations, continuing with the name may not work for you.  If for example, the founder had some legal tussles, or he came under disgrace, you may not want to continue the association.


You may have started the business and named it as per its location, but are now expanding to other areas.   In such a situation, you can avoid brand confusion by giving your business name a broader scope.

Bad business name

Choosing a business name is tricky and sometimes may come up with one that is not memorable or is too generic. As your business grows, you may realize that the name is tying you up somewhat.  You may see that you’re not able to get the recognition you deserve and may, therefore, opt to change the name as a way of breaking into the market.


With the name generator, you can avoid the hassle of coming up with the right name for your company.  Be clear on what your strategy is, and what you hope to achieve, you can easily use the online name generator to get a good company and domain name.

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