Many people do not give much consideration to the menu bar designs of their site. Though it might not be as important, your website design has significant impacts on the perception that your visitors will have on your brand, you, and your site.  As such, when shopping for website themes and templates, it is advisable to consider a menu bar design that aligns with the needs of your business. In spite of this, not many people are aware of what to consider when choosing a menu bar design.

Here are a few dos and don’ts to help you settle for the best website menu bar design.


Simple and clean design: choose a design that is simple in appearance but clear. Ensure that your visitors have no struggle reading or accessing your menu tabs. Often, the navigation of your site should be easy and simple to help your visitors get around your site easily.

Color balance: the color that you choose ought to be easy on the eyes, as well as blend well with the background of your menu. For example, you can look out for a design that has the text on the menu tab highlighted in a contrasting color.

Ensure your pages follow a certain hierarchy: organize your menu bar in a way that it features the importance of your pages. For example, you can ensure that they are arranged in decreasing significance with the least important page displayed on the right side


There are a few factors that you need to avoid in website theme as you choose and organize your site. Here are a few of such things.

Do not clutter your website’s menu bar. Some people tend to cloud their menu with numerous page tabs. It is advisable to include only the pages that are important for your business. If your business grows in the future, you can add any additional tabs as you wish although the guiding factor should be your business’s benefit.

Do not use backgrounds that might distract your tabs. Look out for e-commerce templates that have easy to read tabs on the menu. However, some backgrounds might work against this and end up distracting your site’s background. While fancy images might appear appropriate for you, they are not suitable for a menu bar –avoid them.

Do not let the font sizes be too small or fancy in design. The design and appearance of your fonts ought to give your readers an easy read.