Let’s face it – sometimes it is way better to run your own website on a template rather than building and designing a website from scratch. If your website is an essential part of your business strategy, you should seriously consider website themes as a solution to your web development or web design problems.

However, selecting a classy, modern, and cool theme that is ideal for your type of business and the products you are selling is only the beginning. We know that it takes time to go through all the choices and options available, but if you have a basic understanding of how your company works, who your client base is, what are your marketing and sales goals, how you want to promote your products, and etc. making a good choice is pretty simple. The real challenge starts when you have found an ideal template. You need to find a way to personalize this template and make it yours. If you don’t plan to use the theme for a very long time, it is still crucial to establish some sort of recognition and identity. The ecommerce theme you are using needs to be transformed into something that is seamless with your business or the products you sell and makes your services unique and memorable.

Here are some great tips that will help you customize your website theme:

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  • 1. Add your business logo – The simplest and the fastest way to tell the world that the theme is yours is to add your business logo. Pay attention to the header as that is the first thing visitors and potential shoppers see when your site loads. The best way to present your new theme as your own is to add your logo in the center and in the front as a claiming photo of your web page. Adding banner photos is also a great idea. All you need to do is find a designer that will create a photo that will fit the website’s dimension specifications.

  • 2. Adjust columns – High-quality and highly functional templates often come with multi-column options. In order to present this functionality, the theme designers showcase it in their default demos. Having a handful of columns may fit some businesses, however, the rule of the thumb is that simplicity is key and less is always more. Keep in mind that the number of columns on your site should be one or two.

  • 3. Replace generic photos – The website themes are filled with generic stock images. If you want to run a successful business website this is not acceptable as somebody will see these photos and they will recognize them and lose the interest in your business quickly. Our advice is to get rid of those generic photos and add your own photos that are better suited for your business.

  • 4. Edit the colors – The option to change theme colors is truly a blast. People remember photos more they remember a text, and they also remember colors more than they remember specific photos. You can take an advantage of the colors of the landing pages and edit them according to your target market’s age, needs, and gender.

  • 5. Edt fonts, text, and photos – You can easily modify the font size, edit the text, place eye-catching photos where you don’t need text and allow your visitors to enjoy your beautifully-designed and modern website.

Use these tips and personalize your own website theme! Don’t forget to be creative! And get started! Customize the theme that best suits your needs, to do so click here

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